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The Midsummer Love Potion - Recipe

JUNE 22, 2023 | Recipe by Lykke Nytorget

Midsummer is our pride and joy when it comes to holidays. It’s the perfect combination of silly dancing, meadow flowers, food, singing, and a hedonistic celebration. 

One of the traditions is to pick 7 types of flowers, put them under your bed before you sleep, and then dream about your one true love. Could be your current partner, someone you’ve never met, your future crush, or even your girlfriend’s sister (oops…). Sip happens!


"Either way, it’s a lovely little ceremony that inspired this refreshing love potion of an iced tea!"


You need:

1-2 x bags of Mega Fruit tea
1 L of boiling water
3 dl of cold water
1,5 dl of sugar syrup (dissolve equal parts of sugar and water, boil, and let cool)
0,6 dl lemon juice
A bunch of edible flowers (clover, chamomile, lavender, lilac, violet, rose, etc)

Brew the tea in boiling water for 3 minutes and let cool a bit. Add the cold water, syrup, and lemon juice.

Serve in a tall glass with ice cubes and edible flowers for a perfect midsummer love potion.

Glad midsommar you little frogs!

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