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The Espresso Butter - Recipe

JULY 20, 2023 | Recipe by Casey Underwood


Comfort eating season is closing in and we're here to help you make all of your cravings come true! As you know, our favourite flavour is coffee, but DID you know that you can make so, so many amazingly scrumptious things with it?

For example delicious spreads?! We sure didn't until Casey showed us how, and now we can't get enough!

You will need:
250 g unsalted and room-temperature butter
2 shots of espresso (cooled down)
6 tbsp of icing sugar

How to:
Dice your room-temperature butter into a mixing bowl. Take your espresso and make sure it's cooled down before adding it to your butter. If you can hold your finger in the coffee for 10 seconds without getting burned, it's a good temperature. Add the espresso and icing sugar to the butter and whisk with either a stick mixer or an electronic whisk until smooth. Done! Use as topping for banana bread, pancakes, waffles or anything that needs that extra delicious something. ☕️🥞🧇

Watch Casey's Cooking Class here:


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