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Nothing beats the ease of use of using an automatic coffee machine, and it's how most people make their coffee happen. However, there are some helpful tricks to making even this seemingly mundane brew a whole lot better!

 Serving 1 liter or 8-10 cups 


  • Coffee brewer
  • Paper filter
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Large spoon


Dose 75g

Grind Medium - coarse

Water 1,25 liter

Brew Time 5-6 minutes


We recommend grinding coffee at home right before brewing for the best possible results as this ensures that all of the coffee’s potential aromas are extracted by the water and end up in the finished cup. If you don’t have a coffee grinder at home you can order readily ground coffee from us at Lykke.

Our recipe can easily be adjusted for brewing larger or smaller volumes, just keep the same ratio of coffee to water and adjust the grind slightly to compensate. This guide can be used for all brands of home coffee makers.


Step 1

Ensure that the filter holder and coffee vessel are sparkling clean and free from coffee residue.


Step 2

Fold the paper filter along the creases before placing it into the filter holder and rinse thoroughly with water. This removes any papery taste which can otherwise be caused by the paper filter.


Step 3

Grind 75 grams of freshly roasted coffee using a medium to coarse grind, a similar consistency to granulated sugar. Add the ground coffee to the filter and shake lightly to level the bed.


Step 4

Add 1,25 liters of fresh tap water to the water reservoir on the brewer, using the markings as a guide.


Step 5

Place the lid on top of the filter holder to ensure even brewing temperature and start the brewing process.


Step 6

Once the coffee bed has been fully moistened, after around one minute of brewing, gentely remove the lid to the filter holder. Using a spoon, gently stir and turn the coffee bed to ensure that all grounds come into contact with water and any air pockets are removed. Place the lid back on top.


Step 7

After 5-6 minutes your coffee should have finished brewing. If any brew water has run over the top of the paper filter use a coarser fine next time to ensure that the water passes through the coffee bed more quickly.


Step 8

Dispose of the used coffee grounds and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of Lykke coffee. We recommend using a termos to keep your coffee hot instead of using the brewer’s heating plate, for best possible taste.


Good luck have fun!

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