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A Friday for ISEBWE - Journal

November 2023 | Written by Sara Steele and We Effect


You guys probably know by now that we don’t really side with concepts like Black Friday, and even less so “Black Week” or “Black Month”. At the same time, we’re not sitting on a high horse saying that discounts aren’t cool, because we do love treating you with that sometimes, too!

BUT. The way we’re moving as a high-consumption society needs to be addressed, and we as a company need to take responsibility for the way we sell. We don’t want to be a part of the Black Friday consumption craze, but we will however try to even out the scales by giving back instead. This year we will donate 15% of the order profit from Friday the 24th of November to Isebwe, a women-led coffee cooperative in Uganda. Our partner We Effect will facilitate the donation and make sure it goes to the right place and people.


What started off as a group of 30 farmers in 2017 has grown into a cooperative with over a thousand members, with more than half of the members being women. Isebwe Farmers and Marketing Cooperative Society is on a mission to enhance the production, process, and marketing of high-quality coffee for a profitable market. The organisation collectively sells the members’ coffee which makes each individual less vulnerable. The cooperative also offers training in farming methods and leadership, and the opportunity to get a financial loan which otherwise can be very difficult for a farmer to get from a bank.

"The cooperative has improved my way of living. I have constructed a good house and have been able to educate all of my children, get help if anyone in my family gets sick and buy medicine for my animals." - Josephine Tuhaise
Isebwe Farmers and Marketing Cooperative Society is owned, led and controlled by women and aims to empower other women economically, socially, and politically.

/Lykke & We Effect 🌈

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