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The Single Origin Bundle

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A single-origin everything-bundle. Four 250g bags from our four origins.

EL SALVADOR | Big Monday is a sweet and creamy single-origin coffee from the mountainous area of Chalatenango in El Salvador. A field blend of sweet little pacas beans from 13 of our closest neighbours.  Sweet caramel, plum and red apple.

UGANDA | Join us on a journey where Lykke and 2,500 coffee farmers challenge old methods and create dreamy coffee in the pristine and mystical nature at the foot of Mount Rwenzori, Uganda. UFO is our new single-origin 250g coffee bag with notes of unrefined cane sugar, dried currants and cranberries.

BRAZIL | OJ! Is a way to say wow! in Swedish and it is also the reaction most people have to this coffee. If you talk to a coffee nerd, they may wax poetic about notes of chocolate, berries and hazelnut.

PERU | Snövatten (snow water) is mouth-watering coffee from the slopes of the Andes. The crystal clear meltwater from snow-covered peaks gives the place its name – and the coffee its flavour. Honey melon, lime and gingerbread

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