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Santos Murcia 200G

So the story goes that this guy, let’s call him Bob, noticed that his goats didn’t want to go to sleep at night after eating some red berries from a tree nearby. Bob then told some abbot, let’s call him John, about the goats which led John to go like “that’s super interesting!” and making a drink out of the berries for himself. (Pretty gutsy if you ask me). And then there was coffee! Anyway. Santos Murcia doesn't hold any goats in his keep but indeed a really cute horsie that wants to tell you this coffee tastes like caramel, cantaloupe and papaya. 

Origin: El Salvador
Producer: Santos Murcia 
Farm: La Lomas
Altitude: 1750 masl
Variety: Pacamara
Process: Natural
Flavour profile: Cantaloupe, papaya och caramel 

Number of cans produced: 1020


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