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Even though Panama is to be considered a rather small player in terms of volume it produces, it is nevertheless a shining light on the coffee arena. Thanks to its ever-increasing quality and constant aim to progress, coffees from our friends around the Barú Volcano fetches some of the highest prices for coffee on the planet. And of course also the best in terms of quality.

Thanks to the volcano, the soils are rich and the region also holds several different microclimates, creating unique settings for growing coffee.

Lykke has a small farm at 1800 meters in the subregion of Potrerillos. Inside this beautiful forest, we have already planted some 8.000 trees of the Geisha variety that are now rooting and growing stronger and taller by the day. We work these trees in harmony with the native forest, making sure the farm is and will be a beautiful habitat for birds, monkeys, insects and tons of native plants.
The slopes of our farm face west and on a clear day, one is able to see all the way to the Pacific Ocean. When the day comes and these trees start producing coffee, it will hold excellent potential. And by experimenting with several different ways of processing the coffee cherries we will be sure to have some groundbreaking flavor profiles in the cups.

Coffee in this region and altitude is generally harvested between December and April.

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