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Send coffee in the snail-mail! 

When you buy a Lykkegram, you are buying a bag of perfectly ground, freshly roasted coffee for a friend, sure. But more than that, you are buying someone the joy of opening the mailbox and finding a gift! The gift of Coffee. Nothing says, "I was just thinking of you", like a Lykkegram.

If you want us to send the gift straight to your lovely friend, please add recievers name and address in to the order comments.

Also, if you want to write a personal message with your Lykkegram, just add it, too. Keep it short and sweet! No longer than 150 characters, please. 

If you want to send a Lykkegram to many people, like your whole football team, just place your order for the number of people you want to send the Lykkegram to, and fill in THIS FORM to give us the addresses. 

Instructions for brewing:

  1. Add 5 dl of fresh cold water to your brewer
  2. Open coffee bag
  3. Pour coffee into the filter
  4. Brew
  5. Enjoy!

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