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Lykke Can: Peruvian Dream pack x 4

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Lykke Can: Peruvian Dream pack x 4

Do you love coffee? Well, right now you're gonna love to love coffee.
Because this dream pack of extraordinary, Peruvian bliss will have your cup wish it had tastebuds. 4 cans, 100g each, all amazingly delicious.

So what we got?


The Kataleya project is something we hold dear. Continuing from Edinson’s own farm San Vicente, some 20 minutes further up the mountain we find a small community of farmers, beautifully tucked in amongst the natural forests. One of these farmers is Tito Cachay who has about 5 hectares of geisha planted at 1800 masl. Once the cherries are picked they are brought down to a micro wet mill where they’re pulped, fermented for over 30 hours and finally washed in the natural mountain, spring water. Tito’s processing together with the variety and location of his farm makes this coffee totally outstanding. The flavours are clear, juicy and vibrant. In this cup, you find notes of white flowers such as jasmine, fragrant lemon zest and sweet pomelo.


Edinson has over the last couple of years grown particularly fond of his sealed barrel fermentations. And as we already know, master it to perfection. So, he wasn’t all too weary when we asked him to do a couple of different alterations to it. Together with the freshly picked and perfectly ripe caturra cherries, he adds pineapple pieces and stirs them well before sealing up the lid. Co-fermentations, as the industry refers to it, have been the talk of the (coffee) town lately and gained tremendous popularity. In theory, the idea is to have natural fruit flavours migrate from the actual pineapple to the coffee. Therefore, we’re not going to say what flavours you might find. But can you perhaps sense it?


Another area we’ve been exploring is when continuing further from the communities of Agua De Nieve to a sub-region called Pariahunca. It’s quite a drive as it takes a full day to get there and what caught our attention here is the incredible altitude at which the farmers grow their coffee – up to 2300 meters above sea level! The cold high-mountain air makes the coffee mature much slower and we harvest coffee here for far longer into the season compared to any other place. This lot packs an aromatic punch reminiscent of lavender and orange blossom. And in the cup a delightful, silky-bodied and balanced flavour of sweet citrus, lavender and orange blossom.


Anaerobic relates to a fermentation process with no or very little oxygen. This creates a totally unique characteristic as the microbial species that consume sugars vary from a normal, open-air fermentation. Edinson collects his freshly picked cherries and pours them into 200-litre barrels and seals them up. Each lid has a one-way valve that lets the oxygen inside to escape as fermentation begins and carbon dioxide builds up pressure. Over the course of 60 hours, he patiently waits as fermentation works its magic. When time is due, he brings them out to dry for some 30 days. The result is quite astonishing. Instead of acidity-driven fermentation flavours, we get an increased mouthfeel and higher perceived sweetness. The flavours are reminiscent of baked fruit, amaretto liquor and chocolate chips.



Recycled aluminium uses 95% less energy than newly produced aluminium. 75% of Alu. EVER produced is still in use. Coffee also LOVES dark, sealed spaces.

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